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Mailing Lists

Meet fellow Star Wars Chicks from around the globe by joining a mailing list or three. We've tried to cater to several different tastes, so if one or more of these lists tickle your fancy, please feel free to join in! All mailing lists are hosted by Yahoo Groups. Anyone can join as long as they have a valid email and Yahoo account.

Star Wars Chicks

The StarWarsChicks mailing list is open to anyone of all ages. All facets of Star Wars are discussed from the chick's perspective and time is generally spent just having a good time. Conversation is kept to a PG level, so young adults are welcome on this list. This list is moderated by Rebekah.

Star Wars Chicks Fanfiction

The SWCFanFic mailing list is for fanfiction readers and writers to share fiction and feedback. Fanfiction rated G through PG-13 is welcome on this list. No R or NC-17 posts are allowed! All fanfiction must be posted according to a particular format. This list is moderated by Neko.

Sith Chicks

The Sith_Chicks mailing list is open only to those 18 or older. It is primarily a fanfiction list for readers and writers to share adult oriented fiction and feedback. Conversations are of a more adult nature and fanfiction with ratings of NC-17 are posted. To join you must have a valid account with Yahoo which proves you are of age. Once you click the link below you must sign into Yahoo Groups before it will take you to Sith Chicks. This list is moderated by Crysta and Angela Jade.

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LiveJournal Communities

Have a Live JournalSubscribe to the RSS feed and join the general discussion community at http://community.livejournal.com/swc_couch/