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April 17, 2004
Another update!

Four new stories have been added to the archive.
Read and enjoy!

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We accept all sorts of stories (though those with rating NC-17 will be sent to Crysta to archive over at Sith Chicks), so feel free to submit whatever type of story you wish. When you submit your story, if you can, please copy and paste it into an email addressed to me: You can also send it as an attachment in .htm/.html or .txt (plain text) format.
Please double-space between paragraphs.
At the top of your story, please include all of the following information (it makes it easier for me to archive your story):

Title: Name of the story.
Author: Your name and email address.
Sequel or Prequel: If your story is part of a series, where does it fit in your timeline.
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, etc. If you're not sure, just put "not sure" in this space and I'll try to rate it.
Setting: When your story takes place in the Star Wars timeline. For example, Pre-TPM (pre Phantom menace) or Post RotJ (post Return of the Jedi).
Category: Drama, Humor, Alternate Universe, etc.
Summary: Two or three lines describing your story.
Status: Is your story complete, or will there be more chapters.
Disclaimer: Be sure you include a statement saying that you didn't make any money off your story.

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