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We have attempted to make this site as accessible and usable as possible. If you should encounter any difficulty or problems, please contact Crysta and let her know.

One of the most effect ways to enable people with limited mobility to better access a website is to add access keys. The W3C introduced the accesskey attribute to enable users to select the appropriate key on their keyboards and navigate to a particular link. It isn't hard to imagine how helpful that would be to someone using a screen reader, or for a user that has difficulty controlling a mouse and must tab through menus - a very slow process. Access keys can also be useful to people who don't have any trouble controlling the mouse and clicking on links. Just as keyboard short-cuts in desktop applications allow experienced users to save files, open new windows, or copy and paste text. Assigning access keys to menu items adds “Hot-Key” functions to a website, letting frequent users spend less time less time moving and clicking the mouse.

The following Access Keys can be used for navigation of this website, following the standard set by the UK Government.

Access Key Star Wars Chicks UK Government
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6 About Star Wars Chicks Help
7 Contact page Complaints
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