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About Star Wars Chicks

Star Wars Chicks was created in response to the argument that "Star Wars is for boys!" In 1999, two female Star Wars fans, Jedi Girl of Boston and Miss Jedi of Kansas, decided to prove to the internet that Star Wars was not just for boys.This website is a forum for the female Star Wars fan, run by female Star Wars fans. We are proud to be a chick, and we love Star Wars!

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Frequently Asked Questions

History of Star Wars Chicks

A Founders Tale: as told by JediGirl (April, 2005)
Almost exactly 6 years ago I was regular poster at JediNet.com. I would chat on their boards on a daily basis. One day I got a personal email from another female fan with the screen-name of MissJedi. She had really connected with a lot of comments I made on the boards and was interested in becoming email pals. We hit it off right away. After about a month or so of emailing back and forth about our shared passion -- Star Wars -- MissJedi posed the idea of starting up our own Star Wars fan site, but dedicated to the female fan.
We had found that most of the sites out there at the time were very much more based to a male audience, and the forums that the sites had were largely dominated by guys. Many times when a female would make a post regarding their opinion about Star Wars, they got either overlooked or ridiculed, "Oh you're just a girl, what do you know." Also, females seemed to be more interested in the characters of Star Wars rather than what the model number is of the Correllian cruiser that so-and-so owned. Not to say that there aren't women out there that do enjoy that aspect of Star Wars, but for the most part, females have a different perspective on the Star Wars stories.
We thought it would be great to have a site where women could feel comfortable in expressing their fandom, their passion, their opinion.
We launched Star Wars Chicks in March of 1999. It took off faster than the Millennium Falcon. Women from all over the world flocked to our site. We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm.
Sometimes people ask, "Why did you call yourselves 'chicks'? Isn't that a negative term?" We don't see it that way. A 'chick' is someone with attitude... and female Star Wars fans definitely have that! Our mascot expresses it all: "I'm a Star Wars fan and I don't care what you think. Don't knock me!" Women really love her.


Fight for the Cure Campaign
The Fight for the Cure Campaign began in 1999 with the sale of 500 t-shirts. The shirts were officially licensed by Lucasfilm and raised $8,366.00 for the Kansas Cancer Institute. Shortly after the sale of the t-shirts, Star Wars Chicks offered bath sets, pens, and bumper stickers, bringing the campaign total nearly $10,000.
In the fall of 2004, Star Wars Chicks debuted the Star Wars Chick Lapel Pin and raised $8,418.43 for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. More pins were ordered in April 2005. To date, the Fight for the Cure Campaign has raised over $23,000.
Many more details regarding our Fight for the Cure campaign and breast cancer can be found at http://starwarschicks.com/fightforthecure/