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Looking for a few good chicks

By | June 4, 2009

Hello world!

Once again I find myself feeling as though I'm standing on the first floor of a multi-story department store, staring up and around, wondering where all of the customers are. Unfortunately, we are short on quirky artists and their magical mannequins, and thus I have no idea how we're going to make this place great again.

This year is StarWarsChicks.com's 10th anniversary. There have been some great years, wonderful memories, fantastic fund-raisers and a lot of great content posted here over the last decade. Unfortunately, this site has been dying a long, slow death for many, many years. It has a webmaster (me!), and a bunch of people who care about it and would hate to see it die, but no one to make this site alive and well again. Even if I had more time to devote to this site, I am not much of a blogger, news reporter, editorialist, social butterfly or interviewer. I'm much more comfortable writing code, and a little bit of fiction. The back-end of the StarWarsChicks.com website is fantastic! It just isn't getting used, and that makes me sad. I also have a brand new Fanfiction Archive all set to go, but no one to help me manage it, so it's sitting in a corner collecting virtual dust right now as well.

I really want to change all this, and make StarWarsChicks into a wonderful site again, but I can't do it without help! I need some enthusiastic writers to step up and take charge here. The site has so much potential and possibility, and that's where you come in! Do you have ideas about what you'd like to see posted here? Do you like writing polls? Are you a Star Wars blogger looking for a larger audience? Do you read novels and enjoy reviewing them? Do you wish you had an outlet for your rants about the lack of merchandise for female fans?

If you're interested in making StarWarsChicks.com the thriving community that it once was, comment on this post. Offer up your thoughts, ideas, and most importantly, your time. This site is dedicated to every little girl who grew up wanting to fly an X-wing or be Princess Leia. Let's keep it going for all of the little girls who want to fly a pod racer or be a Jedi!


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