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What about us??

By | February 10, 2006

Hillary asks the question on every Star Wars Chicks's mind - What about us?? Star Wars is not just for boys - where are the toys for us?

What about us??

By Hillary

(Holonet, February 10, 2006)

Since Star Wars was introduced to our world in 1977, women have always been a part of the fan base. We, along with our brothers (and sisters!), boyfriends, husbands, and (for many of us) our parents became transfixed in "a galaxy far, far, away." We begged for action figures when we were taken to any store that happened to have some sort of toy department, but our hunger for Star Wars themed merchandise didn't stop there. We craved more.

For many of us, our collections started with the odd action figure here and there, now so play-worn that Luke and Han are unrecognizable. We expanded our collections and patiently waited for the sequels to come out so that we could amass more. As we grew older, our collections grew and we learned to place value on our toys and protect them. However, action figures just aren't enough to satiate the female appetite for Star Wars collectibles.

As the years have gone by and A New Hope quickly approaches its 30th anniversary, we have grown, too. We long for more than action figures, 12" "dolls," tacky men's t-shirts, and prop-replica weapons. It's time that Lucasfilm realized that there is a strong female fan base for Star Wars and that we need products marketed towards us. No, I'm not talking about Barbie-like Amidala, Padmé, and Princess Leia dolls (they tried them... they failed) but something that caters to the older, somewhat more mature, female fan.

Personally, I'm tired of buying my Star Wars t-shirts from the men and boys departments with often gaudy print covering 90 percent of the fabric. I want something different! I want tees designed for women, and not just ones that scream "Princess!" As women, we have many roles... we aren't always princesses. We can be Jedi and Sith Lords as well! Hey, some of the men's designs that aren't so tacky could just as easily translate to women's sizes, as could most other products, like watches. Yes, I know that sometimes Hot Topic gets the odd baby-doll shirt in, but to find them requires either ordering on-line and praying that it's in stock, or harassing the clerks at the store who claim that they know that shirts were made, but they don't know if or when they'll get them. Shirts that fit different types of women would be nice, too. It's a terrible feeling when you have to buy an extra large when you normally wear a medium, and worse still when the "biggest" tiny sizes won't fit you! But it goes beyond that!

We need merchandise that caters not just to us, but to our family as well. Why not pajamas for women and girls? We shouldn't have to buy men's boxer shorts when we'd rather have cozy flannel pj's with Yoda printed all over them, or a sexy nightshirt with Princess Leia on the front. Why should girls be stuck with Strawberry Shortcake and My Little Pony Underoos when they could have Princess Leia, Yoda, or even Darth Vader? Why not make them for women as well? I know that I wouldn't mind a pair of stylish Vader undies for myself! Our daughters are more familiar with the characters that are plastered all over the television ads and boys merchandise, such as Chewbacca, Vader, and Yoda, than with Padmé, Amidala, and Leia. Why not market those same characters to girls?

Quality is an issue as well. Why bother to make a collectible female figure if it doesn't look like a female? Even if the figure is posed as if in the heat of battle, like those in the Unleashed collection, there is still some degree of femininity to be captured in that moment! It would be nice to see the female action figures look a little more feminine as well... isn't it weird that some of the male figures look more "girlie" than the females? Do you remember She-Ra and the awesome action figures that were out there in the 80's? It can be done!

It's time that Lucasfilm realized that we are a formidable market for their merchandise and took notice of our product desires. We could drive sales for them and hey, they might just turn a profit for themselves... what a novel idea!


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