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Role Playing Guild

By | February 26, 2006

Plugging Away...

(February 7, 2006)
We have been going through the waiting character submission pile and we've gotten it down pretty low. Extend a warm welcome to these folks, who've all been approved in the past month: Jedi Katt Smith, Tobias Drysir, Adara Kahiel, and Kishi Mellik, and bounty hunters Satin'donna Tamroff-Tresni, Shajun Assoc, and Sara Newhope. We also have an NR pilot with undeveloped Jedi potential, Sabrina Reylar, and an information-brokering droid, RK-14 (aka Rolo).

Unfortunately, we sent out about 50 rejections, some of which needed only a little tiny bit of work, but many of which broke various rules or didn't fit our time period. So if you're new and want to play, please glance at those.

We've also established a special bounty hunter's guild called the Twilight Dragons. Anyone with a bounty hunter character is welcome to get involved!

And lastly, there's continuing work being done to this web site as we switch over to the new design and edit old pages a bit.

  • Mailing List: The SWC RPG operates through Yahoo!Groups. With a Yahoo! ID you can log in and use this area to check and send posts, find player info, and cast your vote if the Council calls for a poll.
  • The Universe: Continuity, Star Wars timeline, and indepth descriptions of the state of different factions of our gaming universe.
  • FAQ: The perfect place to check up on the answers to any pesky questions you might have before dropping a line to a Councilor.
  • Rules: All the rules for the game, including type of content and characters, posting regulations, and how to go about asking for a GM ruling.
  • Character Creation: Complete walkthrough of how to make a character and the rules involved.
  • Character Database: A list with the name and occupation of all the characters currently active in the e-mail game, as well as links to their complete profiles.
  • RPG Council: Information on the RPG Councilors, their duties and privileges, and their characters.

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