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Crossword #1: Star Wars A New Hope

By | January 26, 2005

The following puzzle was created especially for you. Feel free to print it out and have fun!

Crossword #1: A New Hope

Crossword #1: A New Hope


2.   The color of Luke's first lightsabre
4.   Leader of the Rebel Alliance
6.   Wedge's call-sign
8.   Tatooine creature ridden by Sandtroopers
12. Model number of the Millennium Falcon
14. It binds the galaxy together
15. Leia's cell block
17. What Luke flew when shooting 30 Down
19. Two-letter designation for stormtroopers
21. Year Star Wars: A New Hope was released in theaters
24. Who originally shot first
26. Han Solo's weapon of choice
27. Disbelieving Admiral strangled by Vader
29. Vehicle driven by Jawas
31. Actual location of the rebel base
32. "What a piece of ____!"


1.   Bigg's call-sign
3.   Where Leia said the rebel base was located
5.   This actor portrayed Chewbacca
7.   The first ship to be seen onscreen
9.   Luke claims Chewbacca is a prisoner transfer from this cell block
10. Luke's call-sign
11. Vader finds a lack of this disturbing
13. Holder of Vader's leash, according to Leia
16. Number of the garbage smasher
18. Game played by R2D2 and Chewbacca
20. Animal Ben Kenobi imitated to frighten the sandpeople
22. Docking bay of the Millennium Falcon
23. Princess Leia's adoptive father
25. "Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only ___."
26. Owen's wife
28. "Look Sir, ____."
30. What Luke used to bullseye back home


Crossword #1: A New Hope (Solution)

Crossword #1: A New Hope (Solution)


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