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Fight for the Cure!

By | September 17, 2004

The Star Wars Chick Lapel Pin is now available online!  Click the pink ribbon for more information on the campaign, and to get your very own pin!

StarWarsChicks.com is proud to announce a new campaign aimed at the eradication of breast cancer.  Support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation by donating $10 or more, and Star Wars Chicks will show our appreciation by presenting you with your very own lapel pin, in the shape of our very own Star Wars Chick!

Help support our "Fight for the Cure!" campaign by bidding on a complete set of ANH 3di Topps trading cards!  Andy, an Honorary SWC from the UK, is auctioning the cards off in a blind auction, and will donate the proceeds from the auction to our campaign.  Bidding ends at noon (London time) on Monday, Sept. 20.  Thanks, Andy!!


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