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Website Renovations

By | September 15, 2003

Please excuse the html dust as we attempt to bring you a bigger, better, new and improved Star Wars Chicks! Current individual areas won't see much change at all, other than a brief blackout as we changed servers. These areas include RPG, Sith Chicks, Expanded Universe (Books), the mailing lists, etc. The site as a whole is where our efforts are focused.

The renovations were sparked by MissJedi's retirement from the Star Wars Chicks Council. She and JediGirl were the original founders of Star Wars Chicks, and MissJedi will be missed. If you've come here looking for her, she can now be found at FandomChicks.com. Crysta has stepped up to fill MissJedi's position here at Star Wars Chicks as head webmistress, and JediGirl is still our awesome graphics guru.

Please bear with us and your other Star Wars Chicks councilors as we attempt to resurrect areas of the site that have disappeared into the Maw and include new areas and ideas that we hope you will enjoy. Also, stay tuned, as we plan to hold a call for new ideas and new staff members in the near future!

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