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Tragedy in the US

By | September 12, 2001

As many of you should have heard by now, the US has been violently attacked by apparent acts of terrorism.  Both towers of the World Trade Center in New York have collapsed from the impact of two commercial jets flown into them, the Pentagon in Washington DC was subject to a similar attack, another jet crashed outside an airport near Pittsburgh and other occurrences have been taking place.

Here at SWC, we have always believed that every one of us here are bound together through our love of Star Wars.  That because of this, we are family.  We invite you now, our beloved friends, to keep those victims and their families of this heart rendering tragedy, in your hearts and minds.  To whatever god or gods you believe in, send up prayers that the worst is over and that, in the end, this cowardly attack does not lead us into more violence and destruction.

Our hearts go out to you and yours who have been personally affected by this tragedy.

MissJedi & JediGirl


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