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Star Wars Chicks Assault on Star Wars Insider

By | May 1, 2001

When the Star Wars Insider #53 hit mailboxes across America during the week of March 12, the Star Wars community was informed that "a whole bunch of letters from Star Wars Chicks" were sent to the Insider recently, all demanding recognition that you do not need to be a guy to love Star Wars. In the column, Rebel Rumblings, three of these letters were printed up for the world to see and take notice. Kris O. and Christina B. both from California and Bethany A. from Arizona composed wonderful letters to the Insider stating what it meant to be a Star Wars Chick and asking that women not be overlooked as real fans.

With letters like theirs and others, the Insider had to take notice and they did. Check out issue #53 of the Star Wars Insider to read these wonderful letters and to find out what the editors had to say in return.

We here at SWC would like to thank Kris, Christina, Bethany and the many others who wrote in to support the female fan. We're sure that many girls, women, ladies, AND Chicks were happy to hear that they were not alone, and that being a Star Wars fan is truly a COOL THING!


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