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A Message From JediGirl and MissJedi

By | May 1, 2001

To those of you who are new to StarWarsChicks.com, we welcome you and hope you enjoy your stay. And if you have been here before, we want to thank you for sticking with us.

Right up front I want to apologize for our quietness over the past few months. Last Fall brought some major changes to the lives of some of our Council Members (staff) and with that brought changes to how things ran here at SWC. As we tried to get a grip on things, the holidays hit and life just got plain crazy. Before we knew it the calendar year changed to 2001 and when we blinked it was March. Time really does fly and it seems it likes to travel at lightspeed around here.

All along, we have been planning a major overhaul of the site, but for one reason or another, it has not happened. But that all changed two days ago when the Star Wars Insider #53 started to hit mailboxes across the US.

To our amazement, we discovered that our wonderful little site was mentioned in the "Rebel Rumblings" column of the magazine. Three wonderful Chicks wrote into the SWInsider to let their voices be heard about what it means to be a female Star Wars fan, and in doing so, pointed other female fans here to SWC. THANK YOU, Kris O., Bethany A., Christina B. AND all the others for sharing your opinions and lending your support to other women around the globe who have a shared passion and letting them know they are not alone.

But now we have "press" and we all know what that means...more hits! We LOVE that, but unfortunately, we weren't ready for it.

The past few days here at SWC have been a flurry of activity, albeit behind the scenes, and we are getting our butts in gear and working VERY hard to bring you a new and improved StarWarsChicks.com.

So we ask you to please remain patient for just a little longer and VERY shortly you will see lots of changes coming your way.

"We're going in, and we're going in full throttle..."

May the Force be with you

JediGirl & MissJedi

Co-creators of SWC


The SWC Council

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