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Vonda N. McIntyre

By | September 12, 2000

(Photo by Gary L. Benson)

Graduated from the University of Washington. Has exhibited hunters and jumpers, observed humpback whales in Alaska, been white-water rafting, and holds a 1st degree black belt in Aikido. A member of ACLU, SFWA, the Cousteau Society, Space Studies Institute, Planetary Society, Authors Guild and the National Organization for Women. At present, her hobbies include writing web pages, and designing and making beaded sea creatures.

Homepage:  www.sff.net/people/vonda

Star Wars books:

'The Crystal Star'

Non-SW books:

'The Exile Waiting' (1975)
'Aurora: Beyond Equality' (1976 - anthology)
'Dreamsnake' (1978)
'Fireflood and Other Stories' (1979)
'Superluminal' (1984)
'The Bride' (1985)
'Barbary' (1988)
'The Moon and the Sun' (1997)
'Illegal Alien'

The Starfarers Series
'Starfarers' (1989)
'Transition' (1991)
'Metaphase' (1992)
'Nautilus' (1994)

'Star Trek: The Entropy Effect' (1981)

Star Trek Novelisations:
ST II: 'The Wrath of Khan' (1982)
ST III: 'The Search for Spock' (1984)
ST IV: 'The Voyage Home' (1986)

'Star Trek - Enterprise: The First Adventure' (1986)

(Photo by Gary L. Benson)

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