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Vader’s Quest

By | September 12, 2000

Also issued as a 4-comic series

Set directly after ANH

Story -- Darth Vader has found out the name of the pilot that destroyed the Death Star and sets out to track him down!

Artwork -- I liked it, especially the new characters/aliens. Had a nice 'Star Wars' feel to it.

Chicks -- Leia's not in this one, but there are a couple of interesting new chick characters.

Any good? -- a bit of a let-down, if I'm totally honest. Most people probably have their own ideas about Darth Vader's reaction when he discovered the hero of Yavin was his own son. I can't imagine this one features prominently - just not dramatic enough! Or was Vader keeping quiet to avoid spoilers for Episodes 2 & 3?! It's still a great story, but it just felt like a little adventure, rather than a galaxy-shattering moment.

Read it? -- yeah, but there's no rush.

Rating -- 5 out of 10


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