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Troy Denning

By | September 12, 2000

Troy Denning

A native of Colorado, he received a BA in Sociology and a BA in English Composition from Beloit College. Initially worked in the gaming industry, first as an editor then as a designer, his work includes writing for West End's Star Wars line. Married, he enjoys judo, water-skiing, and mountain-climbing.

Star Wars books:

New Jedi Order:
9 - 'Star by Star'
eBook - 'Recovery'

Non-SW books:

Forgotten Realms:
'The Titan of Twilight' (with John Lakey)
'The Giant Among Us'
'The Black Courser' (1990)
'The Harpers: The Parched Sea' (1991)
'The Harpers: The Veiled Dragon'
'The Ogre's Pact' (1994)
'Greyhawk Ruins'
'Pages of Pain' (1997)
'Faces of Deception' (1998)
'Crucible: The Trial of Cyric the Mad' (1998)
'Beyond the High Road' (1999)
'Return of the Archwizards: The Summoning' (2001)

'Dark Sun':
'The Cerulean Storm'
'The Verdant Passage'

'The Oath of Storekeep' (1999)

'The Cormyr Saga':
3 - 'Death of the Dragon' (with Ed Greenwood; 2000)

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