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X-Wing Rogue Squadron – The Warrior Princess

By | September 13, 2000

Includes comic issues 13-16

Set soon after RotJ

Extras -- apart from small-ish copies of the original comic covers, there's nothing else!

Story -- well, whaddaya know! Plourr's a princess! No, really! And her homeworld wants her back so she can take the throne and help put an end to a bloody civil war. So it's on with the formal uniform and off to Eiattu for Rogue Squadron.

Artwork -- not bad - gruesome scenes are suitably gory, and the action scenes are great.

Chicks -- just 'cos she was brought up by a nanny-droid and can wear a dress gracefully, doesn't mean Plourr can't still kick butt when required! Also, meet Ibitsam, a Mon Calamarian pilot. And an Imperial officer by the name of Tavira...

Any good? -- Plourr just gets better and better - I bet the Alliance are REALLY glad that she's on their side! This is a fairly gruesome episode - and watch out, kiddies! Plourr says a bad word!!

Read it? -- compulsory for the Plourr fans, it's still a pretty good read for everyone else.

Rating -- 6 out of 10


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