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Classic Star Wars 2 – The Rebel Storm

By | September 13, 2000

Covers comic issues 8-14 inclusive

Set between ANH and ESB
Includes an introduction by Kevin J. Anderson - the comics were originally written in the period 1981 to 1984, filling in the three years between ANH and ESB. Precursors were newspaper cartoon strips, but they haven't just republished the originals, as that would have involved a lot of repetition, etc., and the artwork has been improved.

Stories -- some 'missing moments' from between the movies. Learn more about the Massassi temple ruins on Yavin Four. See how the rebels met up with Admiral Ackbar and friends, how they escaped from Yavin Four, and how they chose Hoth as their next hide-out. There are also separate adventures for some of the main characters. Luke encounters a man claiming to be Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Han and Chewie have a little adventure of their own.

Artwork -- a little dated but has its moments, although the main characters from the movies look nothing like the actors who portrayed them, especially Leia (who looks like some drop-out 50s Hollywood starlet). But the machines and planets are pretty good, and you can't go far wrong with Vader and the droids, although some of the proportions look a bit dodgy!

Chicks -- Leia in 'rebel leader' mode. This book mostly features the guys.

Any good? -- Some nice 'Luke and Han vying for Leia's attention' bits! But the over-explanation and simplification of the plots bugged me, although younger readers may appreciate it. It should be noted that these comics were originally published before Bantam Press took over the publishing rights, so they may not follow Bantam's version of 'canon'.

Read it? -- hmmm. If it's going really cheap, or if you can get hold of it at the library then, yes, give it a go. I found it interesting as a 'historical document' - it fits in well with the seventies feel of the original movie.

Rating -- 4 out of 10


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