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X-Wing Rogue Squadron – The Phantom Affair

By | September 13, 2000

Includes comic issues 5-8

Set soon after RotJ
Introduction by Stan Sakai.

Extras -- schematics for Incom T-65 X-Wing and the 'Pulsar Skate', as well as production sketches for several of the characters and full-page covers of the original comics.

Story -- the Rogues are sent to the Mrlsst Academy to bid for a new technology - a cloaking device. Unfortunately, the Imps also show up, in the shape of Loka Hask, the one-time pirate responsible for the death of Wedge's parents.

Artwork -- very good; I particularly liked the facial expressions and the 'action' sequences.

Chicks -- Mirax Terrik (in her pre-Corran days, of course) is excellent. Two of the Rogues are also chicks - Plourr doesn't do a lot in this one, but we learn a lot about Elscol's past.

Any good? -- it was great to learn about when Wedge lost his parents, and the scene is beautifully portrayed. The 'political intrigue and bidding against the Imps' plotline is kinda reminiscent of "Starfighters of Adumar", altho' this was published first. I thought this had a nice balance between politics, action and personal bits, and look out for a cameo by 'the flanneled one'! Not so sure about having another Wookiee-with-a-life-debt, and did they have to make Hask so ugly!?! Yuck!

Read it? -- yeah, especially for the pics of 'young Wedge'. What a cutie!

Rating -- 7 out of 10


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