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The Last Command

By | September 13, 2000

Includes comic issues 1-6

Set 5 years after RotJ

Based on the novel 'The Last Command' by Timothy Zahn. Introduction by Steve Perry

Story -- same as the novel. Thrawn has the Katana fleet and an apparently endless supply of clones to crew it. Mara is still hell-bent on killing Luke. And the birth of Leia's twins is imminent.

Artwork -- loved it! I particularly liked the characters, but then, the artist had a head start because Zahn 'painted' them so well in the novel. Extra round of applause for the Noghri and Karrde's vornskrs (I want one!).

Chicks -- Mara at her coolest; and threatening Luke at every opportunity. Leia gives birth to a couple of remarkably mature-looking infants, then she's back to saving the galaxy. Winter's not in this as much as she is in the novel.

Any good? -- pretty good as a graphical adaptation, but I'd hate to have read it without having read the novel first. One of the great things about Zahn's books is that they are so complex, with lots of new characters and interweaving plot threads. You just can't fit all that into a g/n. But you can have a damn good try - and these guys have done exactly that. Although it's not word-for-word the same as the novel, you still get the action, the characters' thoughts and emotions, and at long last you can see Thrawn, Mara Jade, Karrde, C'baoth, Bel Iblis, and the myriad of other characters created by Zahn.

Read it? -- you're either gonna love it (for adding an extra dimension to the novel) or hate it ('cos it's not as good as reading the book).

Rating -- 7 out of 10


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