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Steve Perry

By | September 12, 2000

Lives in Oregon, and if anyone knows where I can find out more about this author, please let me know!

Star Wars books:

'Shadows of the Empire'

Star Wars comics:

'Shadows of the Empire - Evolution'

Non-SW books:

'The Tularemia Gambit (1981)
'Hellstar' (with Michael Reaves - 1984)
'Civil War Secret Agent' (1985)
'Dome' (1987)
'The Omega Cage' (with Michael Reaves - 1991)
'Time Cop' - the novelisation (1994)
'Spindoc' (1994)
'Lone Star' (1994)
'Mask' (1994)
'The Forever Drug' (1995)
'The Trinity Vector' (1996)
'Leonard Nimoy's Primortals: Target Earth' (1997)
'The Digital Effect' (1997)
'Men in Black' - the novelisation (1997)
'Time Was: Isaac Asimov's I-Bots' (with Gary A. Braunbeck - 1998)

The Matador Novels
'The Man Who Never Missed' (1985)
'Matadora' (1986)
'The Machiavelli Interface' (1986)
'The 97th Step' (1989)
'The Albino Knife' (1991)
'Black Steel' (1992)
'Brother Death' (1992)

The Stellar Ranger Series
'Stellar Ranger' (1994)
'Lone Ranger' (1995)

The Conan Series
'Conan the Fearless' (1986)
'Conan the Defiant' (1987)
'Conan the Indomitable' (1989)
'Conan the Freelance' (1990)
'Conan the Formidable' (1991)

Aliens Series
Book 1 - 'Earth Hive' (1992)
Book 2 - 'Nightmare Asylum' (1993)
Book 3 - 'The Female War' (1993)
Book 4 - 'Aliens vs. Predator: Prey' (1994)

TV work:
'Batman the animated series'
'Extreme Ghostbusters'
'Godzilla the animated show'

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