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Shadows of the Empire – Evolution

By | September 13, 2000

Also issued as a 5-comic series

Set directly after RotJ

Story -- sequel to 'Shadows of the Empire'. Guri, the human-replica droid, is unsure of her future now that the Empire is defeated, and Xizor is dead. As she searches for her 'humanity', several other interested parties are trying to track her down, including bounty hunters, Black Sun agents, and Luke, Leia & co.

Artwork -- I really liked it, even tho' it's obviously drawn by a man!! The women are all gorgeous, with figures to die for and, occasionally, ripped clothing. :-)  Sexism aside, the artwork is beautiful.

Chicks -- Guri dominates the novel, in every way. I loved her in 'Shadows...' and this just expands on an already awesome character. Leia doesn't have much to say, but the characterisation is bang on target. And several of the baddies are female, too.

Any good? -- excellent! Great story, nice piccies, action, humor, and kick-ass characters. I loved it!

Read it? -- yes, especially if you're a guy! ;-)

Rating -- 8 out of 10

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