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X-Wing Rogue Squadron – Requiem for a Rogue

By | September 13, 2000

Includes comic issues 17-20

Set soon after RotJ
Introduction by John Morton (who played Dack Ralter) gives some excellent insights into the making of 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

Extra -- cute little story at the beginning set just before the battle of Yavin.

Story -- The Rogues are sent on an 'easy' mission to rescue a bunch of Bothan tourists. Anyone else got a bad feeling about this? Turns out that something on the planet can induce madness, and no-one is immune.

Artwork -- big round of applause for the 'special effects' - cool! Wish the humans & humanoids looked a little more realistic - in fact, I wish they looked as good on the inside as they do on the covers of the comics.

Chicks -- a couple of the Rogues are female, and they KICK BUTT!

Any good? -- not my favorite, but still a great read. Some nice 'bonding bits', with a healthy dose of action and a bad guy you would happily drop into the garbage masher.

Read it? -- yeah, why not!

Rating -- 6 out of 10

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