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Michael A. Stackpole

By | September 12, 2000

An award-winning game and computer game designer, he was born in 1957 and grew up in Burlington, Vermont (father a pediatrician, mother a teacher turned politician). Michael has a brother, Patrick, and a sister, Kerin. He attended the University of Vermont and graduated in 1979 with a BA in History. He now lives in Arizona with Liz Danforth and a small pack of Cardigan Welsh corgis. His hobbies include indoor soccer, gaming, reading and riding his mountain bike.

Homepage:  www.stormwolf.com (I know it moved to flyingbuffalo.com, but it has now moved back again. Go figure.)

Star Wars books:

X-wing Series
Book 1 - 'Rogue Squadron'
Book 2 - 'Wedge's Gamble'
Book 3 - 'The Krytos Trap'
Book 4 - 'The Bacta War'
Book 8 - 'Isard's Revenge'

'I, Jedi'

New Jedi Order Series
'Dark Tide 1 - Onslaught'
'Dark Tide 2 - Ruin'

Short novels (with Timothy Zahn)
'Interlude at Darkknell' - in 'Tales from the New Republic'
'Side Trip' - in 'Tales from the Empire'

Star Wars comics/graphic novels:

'Mara Jade by the Emperor's Hand' (with Timothy Zahn)
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - The Rebel Opposition'
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - The Phantom Affair'
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - Battleground Tatooine'
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - The Warrior Princess'
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - Requiem for a Rogue'
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - In the Empire's Service'
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - Blood and Honor'
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - Masquerade'
'X-Wing: Rogue Squadron - Mandatory Retirement'

Non-SW books:

'Warrior: En Garde' (1988)
'Warrior: Riposte' (1988)
'Warrior: Coupe' (1989)
'Lethal Heritage' (1989)
'Blood Legacy' (1990)
'Lost Destiny' (1991)
'Natural Selection' (1992)
'Assumption of Risk' (1993)
'Bred for War' (1994)
'Malicious Intent' (1996)
'Grave Covenant' (1997)
'Prince of Havoc' (1998)

'Dementia' (1994)

'A Gathering Evil' (1991)
'Evil Ascending' (1991)
'Evil Triumphant' (1992)

'Once a Hero' (1994)
'Talion: Revenant' (1997)
'Eyes of Silver' (1998)

'A Hero Born' (1997)
'An Enemy Reborn' (1998)

'Wolf and Raven' (1998)

'The Dark Glory War' (2000)


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