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Kristine Kathryn Rusch

By | September 12, 2000

Born June 1960, she is married to the author Dean Wesley Smith and lives in Oregon. She has co-written several novels with her husband - they use the pen-name Sandy Schofield (as 'Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith' would take up too much space on the book jacket!).

Homepage:  Unknown

Star Wars books:

'The New Rebellion'

Non-SW books:

'The White Mists of Power' (1991)
'Afterimage' (with K. J. Anderson - 1992)
'Heart Readers' (1993)
'Traitors' (1994)
'Sins of the Blood' (1995)
'Rings of Tautee' (with Dean Wesley Smith)
'The Devil's Churn' (1996)
'Alien Influences' (1997)
'The Tenth Planet' (with Dean Wesley Smith - 1999)
'Star Trek: Klingon!' (with Dean Wesley Smith)
'Soldiers of Fear' (with Dean Wesley Smith)

The Fey Series
'The Sacrifice' (1996)
'The Changling' (1996)
'The Rival' (1997)
'The Resistance' (1998)
'Victory' (1998)

The Aliens Series
'Rogue' (writing as Sandy Schofield - 1995)

Black Throne Series
'The Black Queen' (1999)

Quantum Leap Series
'Loch Ness Leap' (writing as Sandy Schofield - 1997)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
'The Big Game' (with Dean Wesley Smith - 1993)
'The Long Night' (with Dean Wesley Smith - 1996)

Star Trek: The Next Generation
'Double Helix: Vectors' (with Dean Wesley Smith - 1999)

Star Trek: Voyager
'The Escape' (with Dean Wesley Smith - 1995)
'Echoes' (with Nina Kiriki Hoffman - 1997)

Star Trek: Voyager (Day of Honor)
'Treaty's Law (with Dean Wesley Smith - 1997)

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