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James Luceno

By | September 12, 2000

Previously worked as a carpenter, a travel scout, and a script-writer. Co-wrote many books with the late Brian Daley, using the pseudonym Jack McKinney. Currently lives in Annapolis, Maryland, but is often found south of the Border.

Homepage:  Unknown. Can't find a tribute page either!

Star Wars books:

'Cloak of Deception'
'Darth Maul: Saboteur' (eBook)

New Jedi Order:
'Agents of Chaos 1: Hero's Trial'
'Agents of Chaos 2: Jedi Eclipse'

Non-SW books:

Robotech Series (with Brian Daley, as Jack McKinney)
'Genesis' (1987)
'Battle Cry' (1987)
'Homecoming' (1987)
'Battlehymn' (1987)
'Force of Arms' (1987)
'Doomsday' (1987)
'Southern Cross' (1987)
'Metal Fire' (1987)
'The Final Nightmare' (1987)
'Invid Invasion' (1987)
'Metamorphosis' (1987)
'Symphony of Light' (1987)
'The Devil's Hand' (1988)
'Dark Powers' (1988)
'Death Dance' (1988)
'World Killers' (1988)
'Rubicon' (1988)
'The End of the Circle' (1990)
'The Zentraedi Rebellion' (1994)
'The Masters' Gambit' (1995)
'Before the Invid Storm' (1996)

The Black Hole Travel Agency (with Brian Daley, as Jack McKinney)
'Event Horizon' (1991)
'Artifact of the System' (1991)
'Free Radicals' (1992)
'Hostile Takeover' (1994)

'A Fearful Symmetry' (1989)
'Illegal Alien' (1990)
'The Big Empty' (1993)
'Kaduna Memories' (1990)

'The Young Indianna Jones Chronicles: The Mata Hari Affair'

'The Shadow' - movie novelisation
'The Mask of Zorro' - movie novelisation

'Rio Pasion'
'Rock Bottom'


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