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Classic Star Wars 3 – Escape to Hoth

By | September 13, 2000

Covers comic issues 15-20 inclusive

Set between ANH and ESB
Includes an introduction by Al Williamson - very interesting, discussing his career and connection with Star Wars.

Stories -- follows directly on from volume two: Han saving everybody's butts, Luke trying to use his fledgling Force powers, and Vader single-mindedly pursuing the rebels and his son. And all through this, our heros get dragged into several adventures, involving monsters, pretty girls, bounty hunters, etc.

Artwork -- still very 'seventies', which may or may not add to your enjoyment of the book. Actually, it's okay once you get used to it!

Chicks -- Leia's not in this one much, but there's one new female character that is ... umm ... interesting. Luke thinks so, too. ;-)

Any good? -- occasionally takes us into new realms of 'far fetched', but it's bearable. And it does feel very 'Star Wars', which is more than can be said of some other comics. Still a bit simplistic and dated.

Read it? -- I wouldn't pay full price for it, but if you spot it in your library, grab it quick!

Rating -- 4 out of 10


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