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Dark Empire II

By | September 13, 2000

Covers comic issues 1-6

Set 6 years after RotJ

Story -- So, you thought you'd killed the Emperor, young Skywalker! *evil cackle* (Sorry - got carried away.) This book continues the story of 'Dark Empire', only now the bad guys are a bunch of real nasty Imperial warriors, imbibed with Dark Side powers. Leia is expecting baby number three, and Luke and Kam Solusar are off tracking new Jedi.

Artwork -- kinda stylized, but I liked it, especially 'dark' Luke! A little 'harsh', maybe, for Star Wars.

Chicks -- Leia may be pregnant but it doesn't slow her down. Salla Zend is an old flame of Han's and she's a tough cookie. A young female Jedi also shows up.

Any good? -- opens with a shot of a Star Destroyer - always a good move in my book! I also enjoyed the visit to Nar Shadda (the smugglers' moon) where there's a lot of shootin' and fancy flyin'. Oh, and this guy Boba puts in an appearance. BUT - 'empowering others with the power of the Dark Side'? Sorry - don't buy that. And there's lots of other weird stuff to 'stretch the imagination' (ie. it's even more unbelievable than usual). The whole thing feels very dark, darker even than ESB.

Read it? -- the events of the 'Dark Empire' series are classed as canon in the EU, and are mentioned in the Bantam and Del Rey novels, so it may be worth looking at just for that. And if you prefer the darker side of Star Wars, it's definitely worth a read.

Rating -- 5 out of 10


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