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Mara Jade – By The Emperor’s Hand

By | September 13, 2000

Includes comic issues 1-6

Set during/after RotJ
Extra -- opening four pages previously only available on the internet.

Story -- background of Mara Jade before Zahn's Thrawn trilogy ('Heir to the Empire', 'Dark Force Rising' and 'The Last Command'). The story opens with Mara trying to get on Jabba's sail-barge (the only appearance of Luke, Leia & co.) and carries on past the destruction of the second Death Star. What she felt, what she went through in the aftermath of the Emperor's death, and what made her want to kill Luke Skywalker so badly.

Artwork -- yeah, pretty good. Doesn't go overboard making Mara look 'voluptuous', and the action scenes are great.

Chicks -- Mara Jade. 'Nuff said.

Any good? -- Excellent! Ties in nicely with the events of RotJ, and shows how Mara was before the Emperor died and what happened to her afterwards, filling in an important gap before Zahn's trilogy. And it works really well in the comic format.

Read it? -- Absolutely! Particularly if you're a Mara Jade/Timothy Zahn fan.

Rating -- 9 out of 10


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