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X-Wing Rogue Squadron – Blood and Honor

By | September 13, 2000

Includes comic issues 25-27

Set soon after RotJ

Extras --none, not even the original comic covers. :(

Story -- Baron Soontir Fel, Imperial fighter ace, wants to defect to the Rebellion - IF they help find his wife, a certain Wynssa Starflare aka (insert dramatic mucic) Syal Antilles. So Wes, Hobbie and Plourr are off to Corellia...

Artwork -- I'm no comic art expert, but I do prefer the more 'simplistic' style of this g/n - and some of the OT characters are almost photo-realistic. And do I mention the Plourr pic that the guys will go absolutely NUTS for...? Only one nark - possibly the most unrealistic-looking kid since the Solo 'newborns'.

Chicks -- Plourr - in her element, kicking the stuffing out of anyone that stands in her way. And say 'hi' to Iella Wessiri, Corsec officer and partner to Corran Horn.

Any good? -- flippin' brilliant! The artwork, the characterizations, the peek at Imperial Academy life when some of our favorite heroes were there, the cameos by several of the Bantam novels characters... Loved it! But watch out, kiddies - half-naked, standing in a pool, kissy alert!

Read it? -- yup, I'd recommend this one.

Rating -- 8 out of 10

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