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X-Wing Rogue Squadron – Battleground Tatooine

By | September 13, 2000

Includes comic issues 9-12

Set soon after RotJ
Introduction by Timothy Zahn, giving some nice insights into his working relationship with Michael Stackpole.

Extra -- at the end. Really cute li'l story, originally released in a cereal promotion in 1996, and now found nowhere else!

Story -- the Rogues are sent to the dustball that is Tatooine, in order to support an Alliance agent that is already there. And just in time, it seems, as the new villains make Jabba look like a pussy cat! Everyone is after Jabba's 'legacy', a cache of Imperial weapons that could make serious trouble if they fall into the wrong hands.

Artwork -- really liked this one! Some great action scenes, and the characters look pretty good, too.

Chicks -- Winter, like you've never seen her before! Wow! :-)  Two of the Rogues are also chicks - Elscol and Plourr are very different, but strong, characters.

Any good? -- loved it! Tatooine in the middle of a gang war, in the company of Rogue Squadron - it doesn't get much more exciting than this! And a little visit to Ryloth thrown in for good measure. The goodies are great, the baddies are really bad - very Star Wars. Action, a little romance, and lots of humor - that's the Rogue Squadron we know and love.

Read it? -- YES!!

Rating -- 9 out of 10

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