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Barbara Hambly

By | September 12, 2000

Born in August 1951, she grew up in California with her sister (Mary) and brother (Ed). She gained a Masters degree in Medieval History from the University of California, and has a black belt in Shotokan karate. She married George Alec Effinger in 1998 and now lives in Los Angeles. Her hobbies include dancing, painting, historical and fantasy costuming, tarot card reading and the occasional bout of carpentry. Her pets include cats, lizards and pekinese.

No Homepage, try:  www.imgen.bcm.tmc.edu/molgen/labs/bradley/hambly/hambly.htm

Star Wars books:

'Children of the Jedi'
'Planet of Twilight'

Non-SW books:

The Windrose Chronicles
'The Silent Tower'
'The Silicon Mage'
'Dog Wizard'

The Darwath Trilogy
'The Time of the Dark'
'The Walls of Air'
'The Armies of Daylight'
'Mother of Winter'
'Icefalcon's Quest'

Sun-Wolf and Starhawk
'The Ladies of Mandrigyn'
'The Witches of Wenshar'
'The Dark Hand of Magic'

'The Rainbow Abyss'
'The Magicians of Night'

Benjamin January
'A Free Man of Color'
'Fever Season'
'Graveyard Dust'
'Sent Down the River'

James Asher/Vampire Series
'Those Who Hunt The Night'
'Traveling With The Dead'

'Knight of the Demon Queen'

'Stranger at the Wedding'
'Bride of the Rat-God'
'Search the Seven Hills/The Quirinal Hill Affair'
'Fading of the Light'

Star Trek

Beauty and the Beast
'Beauty and the Beast'
'Song of Orpheus'


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