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Aaron Allston

By | July 4, 2000

Aaron AllstonBorn in 1960, Corsicana, Texas. An award-winning games designer and author, he still lives in Texas. Hobbies include Ping-Pong, cat-herding, reading and role-playing games.

Homepage: www.AaronAllston.com

Star Wars books:

X-wing books
Book 5 - 'Wraith Squadron'
Book 6 - 'Iron Fist'
Book 7 - 'Solo Command'
Book 9 - 'Starfighters of Adumar'

NJO 11 - "Rebel Dream"
NJO 12 - "Rebel Stand"

Non-SW books:

'Web of Danger' (1988)
'Galatea in 2-D' (1993)
'Double Jeopardy' (1994)
'Doc Sidhe' (1995)
'Thunder of the Captains' (1996 - with Holly Lisle)
'Wrath of the Princes' (1997 - with Holly Lisle)Aa


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