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A note about the Star Wars X-wing Series

By | June 26, 2000

I'll review the novels individually (it seemed like a good idea at the time), but this is a quick overview if you're not sure whether you want to dip into them or not. The novels are based around Wedge Antilles and his squadron of elite X-wing pilots. How the authors manage to extrapolate Wedge's character from the dozen or so lines he said in the classic trilogy I will never know, but it seems to sit well (he's got to be pretty good to have survived all three films!) There are little cameos by Admiral Ackbar (actually, he's got a fair bit to say, most of them maritime aphorisms), Leia and Luke; Han gets stuff to do in the later books. But apart from that, it's all new characters (character lists at the front of each book are a big help).

Yes, there are lots of battle scenes, both in space and on the ground. But there's also a lot of 'character' stuff, and even some humor (particularly in the Allston novels). And the characters are in real danger - we know they're not going to kill off Luke, but Lucasarts will quite happily let authors murder, maim and torture previously unknown characters. Politics get in the way, and even though it's necessary, it's still irritating to the 'action heros'. The bad guys are not scary monsters, but they are mighty ticked-off Imperials who hold a grudge for a long time.

The space battle scenes didn't go on too long for me (and I got better at visualising them with practice) but if you really can't stand technical stuff, I probably wouldn't bother. Ditto if you only want to read about the main characters. Otherwise, lock S-foils in attack position and go for it...

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